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Russia increasingly ashamed of their poverty and disillusioned with Putin

Россия все сильнее стыдится своей бедности и разочаровывается в Путине

61% of Russians feel shame for “eternal poverty and instability” in Russia. The number of such people increased by 7% over two years. This is stated in the study of “Levada-center”, the results of which Jan 17, published RBC. Sociologists have found that the feeling of shame 45% of the citizens of the country causes the collapse of the Soviet Union, and this figure has increased by 12% over the past two years, but for rudeness of manners, rudeness and disrespect of people to each other ashamed of the 37% of respondents. In addition, 24% of Russians are ashamed of the chronic gap between the West and “what in the end resulted perestroika”, 21% – for the repression and terror of the years 1920-1950. And 9% admitted that they are ashamed of coming to power of President Vladimir Putin — against 1% three years earlier. As a result, a sense of shame for the results of perestroika and Putin came to power were the fastest-growing trends. Experts of “Levada-center” also found out what the Russians are proud of. Significant change no: 87% said that the victory in the great Patriotic war, half of the respondents stated that space exploration, and 45% chose to take pride in the annexation of Crimea. Among frequent answers also sounded Russian literature (40%) and science (37%). See ALSO the Second “six” Putin: who spilled a Golden rain national projects the Second “six” Putin: who spilled a Golden rain national projects Professor Katasonov: our eyes are “cut” of the budget in the cosmic scale of Respondents also believe that Russia is a great power (75%) and must retain this role (88%). Another 62% of respondents said that Russian is a great nation with a special meaning in history. As explains the analyst of “Levada-center” Karina Pipiya, a reference to the past occurs when insufficient grounds for pride in the present. At the state level, she adds, a reference to the past characterized by the search for a national idea, and the household — in stickers on cars reading “1941-1945: can you repeat that”. In the end national pride in Russia is heavily tied to Soviet times, and key achievements of the period. “Hence the shame for having ruined such a state, especially among the older generations. Modern, positive and collectively shared ideas around which could identify fragmented Russian society, without recourse to the past and history are currently no” — said the expert. Note that the results of the survey “Levada-center” confirms what some analysts: today the main problem for the authorities that criticism of Vladimir Putin becomes publicly endorse the behavior. This means that the neutral conformist voters — the people who always join the majority — are beginning to speak out against the President. Until the ratings drop is not critical for Putin, who is the head of state a long time, and even after making them unpopular pension reform. The problem is that the situation is developing like a snowball. As a result, according to forecasts of the Institute of sociology, just a year from the current support of the head of state can little to stay. And if the situation blows up, the Kremlin can obtain the nonlinear response of the protest — in a place where the authorities he was not expecting. Poll “Levada-the centre” is not too informative, — said the candidate of economic Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of sociology Leonti Byzov. — He appeals to the system stencil evaluations: we are all taught in childhood, than to be proud. In this sense, nothing new in the survey no. More interesting is what we become to be ashamed of. Many in Russia have formed the impression that in the last 15-20 years — with the coming to power of Vladimir Putin — a new era. It was even called one of the best in recent history, along with the era of Leonid Brezhnev. It was noted that under Putin and the people live better, and have freedom — which never before in Russia was not aligned. Now it’s feeling — that in the beginning of the country there is something good- began to ease. In vain journalists and analysts on the liberal side, complain that the growing thirst for Soviet times, and even Joseph Stalin. That said, in my opinion, not about the support of totalitarian tendencies in society, and deep-seated frustration in the current era, and constantly growing. And that this frustration needs some kind of alternative. “SP”: — looking for an Alternative in the Soviet times? — Yes, there it is “under the lamp”. Alternative the easiest way to find it was in Soviet times that has not had time to forget. “SP”: — When in the society there is a sense of frustration? It is particularly strong began to emerge in 2018. In 2017 it is, I believe, was not. The feeling of disappointment coincided with the presidential election and subsequent actions of the authorities and society. One gets the impression that by voting for Putin, people have given him credit, and it changed many things. People like to be told Putin: “the President had previously been beyond criticism, but now all we’re even more we do not need. And now we’re going to treat you the way you really deserve to date”. “SP”: — People really began to be ashamed of Putin came to power? — Of course. And disappointment — and this is important — not only covers liberal circles, but also those who had entered the Putin majority. “SP”: — How rapidly is this process developing? — Dynamics of the process, which is less than a year, it is difficult to determine. It is difficult to say whether it will develop, and how quickly. I recall when in may-June has been a rapid decline in the rating of Vladimir Putin, many believed that this process will stop and will reverse that sagging of the rating is a temporary phenomenon. But time has shown that reversing the process didn’t go, the other thing is that to go deep and he did not. See ALSO Russia has once again landed in the network stagnation Russia has once again landed in the network stagnation son is a high school student shocked me: “Mom, I don’t believe in our country, something will work out” Looks now dissatisfaction froze at some intermediate level. However, focus groups of some researchers, in particular, sociologist Sergei Belanovsky — suggests that dissatisfaction still continues to go deeper. This was also indicated by my own research content in social networks, which I’m doing now. They show nothing positive about the government virtually no one speaks. On the contrary, become common place situations in which it is accepted to criticize the authorities. “SP”: — what are the risks for the Kremlin? — It contributes to the dissatisfaction connected strata of society, who are guided by the majority opinion. Such a position suggests that dissatisfaction with the authorities in Russia will only deepen. In addition, it means that the present epoch will not remain in Russian history as unequivocally positive. All good, as it is known, quickly forgotten, and the bad remains in the memory for a long time. People are still proud of the annexation of Crimea and other foreign policy successes, but still much less — a third less than in 2016. I believe citizens are beginning to understand that Russia is faced with great difficulties that the current government is not able to solve. We can say that the survey “Levada center” shows that people see the breadth and complexity of the processes, in which Russia has engaged in foreign policy.

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