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Russia – in the top three in the number of suicides

Россия - в тройке лидеров по числу самоубийств

Every 40 seconds in the world there is another suicide. In total during the year, the own life is reduced of almost 800 thousand people.

These are the findings of a new report published by the who on the eve of world suicide prevention day, celebrated on September 10.

Moreover, these figures do not include suicide attempts, which are estimated to be the same who, there are around 20 times more than “successful” suicides.

Russia in this sad statistics is a very enviable place, behind not only its neighbours, but almost all the other members who.

She is among the top three States with the highest suicide rate per capita, and the number of suicides among men is a world leader. Largely because the Russians-the men kill themselves almost seven times more often than women.

“Any death is a tragedy for family, friends and colleagues of the deceased. But suicide can be prevented, – stressed the who Director-General tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus. – We call on all countries to include in their national programmes of education and health care proven strategies to prevent suicide”.

To date, of the 183 countries included in the who, adopted at the state level programme on the prevention of suicide is only at 38 (including Australia, Israel and USA) – that is, approximately every fifth.

The who insists that the restriction of access to means of suicide is one of the most effective measures to prevent them.

Risk groups – men and youth

In 2016 the average of suicides in the world amounted to 10.5 cases per 100 thousand population. However, the variation across countries is huge: somewhere it does not exceed 5, somewhere over 30.

Practically worldwide men commit suicide more often than women – an average of 1.8 times. In high-income countries, the gap increases to almost three times, while in the poorer States, the numbers of male and female suicides differ slightly.

Россия - в тройке лидеров по числу самоубийств

Countries with the highest rates of suicides. The number of suicides in 2016 on 100 thousand population, adjusted for the average age distribution. .

Women kill themselves more often than men only in five countries: Bangladesh, China, Lesotho, Morocco and Myanmar (full interactive map can be viewed here ).

More than half of all suicides are committed by people under the age of 45 years.

Among young people aged 15 to 30 years is the second most common cause of death after road accidents. It is ahead of violent death – it is killing more young men and women than are killed in terrorist attacks, military actions and other conflicts combined, including criminal and domestic murder.

While overall suicide rates in the world continues to slowly but steadily decline (with the exception of North and South America). Faster all this happens in Europe, where since 2000 the number of suicides per capita fell by more than a quarter.

Russia is a sad leader

In the number of suicides per capita in Russia exceeds the world average by 2.5 times (26.5 cases per 100 thousand people against 10.5).

More only in Lesotho and Guyana (at 28.9 and 30.2, respectively).

For comparison: in Belarus, the figure is 21.4; the Ukraine is 18.5; US – 13,7 in Canada – 10,4; in Cuba it was 10.1; in Israel and 5.2.

If we take into account only the male suicides, then Russia is the absolute world leader. The suicide rate among Russian men is 48.3 per 100 thousand population (in Lesotho it is more than two times lower – 22.7; in Guyana is 46.6).

If the world average of male suicide is about 1.8 times more women in Russia, the gap is higher than the average several times: Russians-men kill themselves 6.5 times more often than women.

In total in 2016 in the Russian Federation committed suicide 44673 person. This converts to about 122 suicides a day, or five every hour.

Thus, one citizen of Russia settles scores with a life on average every 12 minutes.

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