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Russia has told, will allow Bulk for elections-2018

В России рассказали, допустят ли Навального к выборам-2018Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, most likely, will not admit to presidential elections 2018 in Russia.

This opinion was expressed by Russian politician, President of the Russian public movement “Union of Right Forces” Leonid Gozman.

“My prediction is they will not allow elections. The experiment with him has already cost them a lot of hassle. When he was admitted to elections of the mayor of Moscow, it is assumed that he will get 6-7%, and he, the scoundrel, took it and got 27%. They are barely able to hold Sergei Sobyanin in the first round. In the second round he, of course, and so would have won. But the mayor had to win in the first. And everything is open to question, still unclear,” – said Gozman.

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According to him, the second time the Kremlin will not take such a risk.

“But the Bulk factor, I think, will continue. In Russia the government cannot be replaced through elections. But it may vary in some other way. What is not yet clear. However, when this process starts, will be in demand famous people who have a certain authority among different segments of the population. How the power changed in Poland? When he left General Wojciech Jaruzelski, was a round table and it became clear that the main person in this country is Lech Walesa. In all parts of the Russian political spectrum, there are many people who think about such a scenario. In this context, the Bulk factor is not going anywhere,” said Gozman.

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