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Russia has learned to lend

Россия научилась давать взаймы

Practice on its own citizens, Russia for the first time in many years, received some dividends from its activities as a lender.

The newspaper “Izvestia”, in particular, reports that borrowers are returned to the country more loans than took. Amounts are called respectively are: 250 billion and 215 billion rubles, that is, the margin is 35 billion rubles or about half a billion in US dollars. The last time the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Treasury could boast of success in the international arena in 2010 to 53 billion rubles in the black, but then the amount of the loan was small: only 14 billion roubles.

If measured over the last decade, the country gave in debt without asking its citizens 1.3 trillion, and returned only 0.8 trillion rubles. Among bona fide borrowers is called Cyprus. Russia gives money not just in debt, and on anything. For example, the construction of nuclear power plants, power units, trucks and various weapons. Such is the practice of international business: loans from someone who buy. Just like in the case of citizens. Debtors in Russia are such countries as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Cuba, India, Iran and, of course, Belarus. CIS, or a new Eurasian economic Union, loans are issued in rubles. Abroad to lend rubles only plan.

About the size of loans to different countries are not reported. It is only known that the largest debtor in Russia – neighbouring Belarus, it needs about 7.5 billion in green currency. Some observers, particularly from the RIA of “news”, I suppose that is the Republic of Belarus has made a major contribution to the fact that the “debit-credit” Russia has turned out to be a plus sign. It is known that the government of Belarus has recently received a large loan from China.

For “usurious” actions of the Russian financial authorities is monitored by the chamber. According to her, the arrears as of a year ago stood at 13 billion U.S. dollars. Who exactly and how much – is not called. All as in the case with individuals.

Debt of other countries to Russia amounts to 35 billion dollars.

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