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Russia has experienced a flying motorcycle. Video

В России испытали летающий мотоцикл. ВидеоThe company Hoversurf introduced the “flying motorcycle” Scorpion 3.

Published on YouTube the video of a manned quadcopter, which tried to make as similar to a sport bike, with four large screws raised under the roof of the hangar, some time flies, and then slowly sits on the floor. In the second video, the quadcopter is flying in the street.

According to the developers, hoverbayk able to climb to a height of 10 meters, fly at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour for 27 minutes. However, he is able to lift up to 120 kilograms of payload.

The founder of the company Hoversurf Alexander Atamanov said that although details for Scorpion 3 produced in China and designed in USA, but the main operations, including programming and testing that took place in Russia, so the quadcopter is rightfully known as the Russian product. Judging by the videos, hoverbayk quite stable in flight and very smooth in management.

However, this prototype, like many other prototypes, is not without flaws. Most questions have caused large screws, which favor vivid design placed at the bottom. This arrangement, first, it is banal dangerously, as with any failed movement of the prop can easily damage the foot, and given the rotation speed of screws and their size, these injuries can be very serious. And secondly, the screws at the bottom will raise clouds of dust, unless, of course, take off and land on it somewhere in the field, and not in the hangar or on the paved area.

В России испытали летающий мотоцикл. Видео
В России испытали летающий мотоцикл. Видео

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