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Russia has deployed Iskander missiles near the border with Ukraine

Россия развернула Искандеры неподалеку от границы с УкраинойIn a TV company from the US appeared made yesterday, January 17, satellite imagery with the area of the missile complex.

Near the border with Ukraine, the Russian army launched a tactical missile systems Iskander missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads up to 50 kt. About it by posting yesterday’s satellite images, told the Fox News channel.

The launcher appeared in the Krasnodar region about 430 miles from the border with Ukraine, says with reference to the intelligence of Imagesat International channel.

The photo shows military installations, their infrastructure – hangars, bunkers, and also complexes of Iskander, together with transport-charging machines.

Fox News also said that the PTRC Russia has deployed at the border with Mongolia in Ulan-Ude.

Officially, the stated range of these ballistic missiles up to 500 km. the West believes that the real range is 2000-5000 km. the Main purpose of the PTRC – the destruction of the air and missile defense systems of the enemy.

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