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Russia, getting off the oil needle sat on the sack of grain

Россия, слезая с нефтяной иглы села на мешок с зерном

According to official figures, Russia confidently holds the position of world leader in the export of wheat, significantly outpacing the United States and Canada – the closest competitors. Kostin did not rule out the possibility of building new grain terminals in the Russian ports on the Black sea. He added that he believes the construction of grain terminals in the far East.

Россия, слезая с нефтяной иглы села на мешок с зерном

In June, VTB acquired a “Myrogroup resources”, which is considered one of the leading Russian grain traders with exports of about 2 million tons. By the end of July-August it was reported that “Myrogroup resources” became the leader by shipments of grain through the terminals of the Black sea – the main export hub for Russian grain, which accounts for 40% of total sales. VTB expects to start an independent grain trading in the international market.

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“Counting in absolute numbers initially gives a distorted picture of exports, as Russia and the United States sell grain. Almost all the Russian wheat soft wheat and is classified third class – it is used as food, and as fodder for livestock. States mainly export grain first grade durum, which we hardly produces. Russia, by contrast, buys to add to flour made from it pasta.

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That is, in this case it is appropriate to compare the grain with cars – some like the Mercedes, and someone “Lada”, it is neither good nor bad. Russia on the grain market is not just a niche, but essentially it was fixed. It has all the chances of further success. But not everything depends on us. For example, in Africa the ever growing demand for grain, but it needs to be solvent. And in most countries on the continent with money is traditionally tight,” – emphasizes the expert.

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