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“Russia does not need a wild crowd Bandera” – Senator

"России не нужны толпы одичавших бандеровцев" – сенатор

Russia does not need Ukraine as an independent state within the borders of the USSR. This country will never be friendly to Russia, so it’s time to stop appealing to the fraternal feelings of the Ukrainians.

About this in his blog writes Yevgeny Tarlo, from 2007 to 2015 representative in the Federation Council from Executive body of state power of the Tambov region.

According to the politician, Ukraine, scored 80 billion dollar loan, will never be independent and will continue to dance to the tune of the West.

“If we continue to fight for all of Ukraine, what we have been doing unsuccessfully since 1991, giving endless requests of “Pro-Russian” presidents and politicians, we not only will not achieve anything as it was not achieved earlier, but also shoulder the burden of payment of debts to the West. Single Ukraine needs the West just as a cash cow for interest rate and anti-Russian action.

Russia Ukraine as a state is not needed. Ukraine will never be friendly to Russia government. Russia needs friends in Ukraine – any nationality. Therefore, the addressee of our propaganda and our policies should not be elite, the nationalists and government officials, and ordinary people, friendly to Russia and regional leaders.

Ukraine were made by Lenin and Stalin from completely different regions, peoples and Nations. Time to end this misguided legacy of the Leninist-Stalinist national policy. We should not contribute to the formation of the Ukrainian state within the borders of the USSR. Let the Ukrainians themselves understand how to live. In any case, not at our expense. Ukrainian debt is not necessary, as the wild crowd of Bandera,” said Tarle.

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