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Russia does not cease street protests against raising the retirement age

В России не утихают уличные акции против повышения пенсионного возрастаPeople began to gather in the square.

Russia does not cease street protests against raising the retirement age. Yet they are the cities where there are games of the world Cup. The headquarters of Alexei Navalny in 39 cities brought their supporters to the rallies on 1 July.

Last week in the regions bid to host public events was filed by the unions and the Communists. The correspondents of Radio Liberty watched as the protesting citizens in Cherepovets, Orel, Petrozavodsk and Barnaul.

In Cherepovets in Vologda oblast on 4 July in the protest, according to police, the 800 residents of the city. Organizers declared “the country’s largest rally”, brought together against raising the retirement age, increasing fuel prices, VAT and tariffs of housing six thousand people. For the city, whose population barely exceeds 300 thousand is really a lot.

People began to gather in the square of Chemists for half an hour before the start of the rally, the scene already playing popular songs redone on the topic of pension reform. Among those who came were many metallurgists and chemists, although they, according to the authorities, the age of retirement to increase do not plan to.

I still believe that our voice will be heard and counted. What is accepted in the country in recent times, all against the common people, – explains the reasons for their participation in the campaign a woman who was presented by Marina. – It is necessary to lift the economy in the country, but not at the expense of ordinary people. Responsible for these reforms by the government, Medvedev. Instead of having to perform, to put to a popular referendum, to agree with the people is decided without the people! We understand that maybe something needs to be changed, but not like this. We pay small – promote them! We live paycheck to advance, and we want to deny pensions.

When the meeting began, to the stage people came with flags and posters. Some issued directly in the square, but many brought their own, and proudly posed with them in front of cameras to make a shot. The most unusual poster: “the IMF! Hands off Russia!”. He was held by the woman with a St. George ribbon, but to explain why she came out with this slogan, she refused.

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