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Russia dismissed alcoholics and drug addicts, the leaders of the militants in the Donbas

Россия отстранила алко- и наркозависимых главарей боевиков на ДонбассеIn occupied Donbas from Russia arrived a group of doctors for in-depth modproperty of the command structure.

The command of the armed forces extended the period of operation of the integrated Commission of the territorial army Centre (Nottingham) South IN armed forces in the divisions of the militants of the terrorist organizations DNR/LNR with the aim of checking the reliability of the information collected in the survey of personnel of violations and crimes committed by the Russian officers, or that occurred on their fault. It is reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry in Facebook.

According to intelligence reports, among the militants “Marines”, located in the temporarily occupied Novoazovsk, was established numerous facts of violations which led to losses and theft of weapons, logistical resources and property. Commission of Russia has confirmed the objectivity of the complaints of the personnel on the poor level of nutrition in the regiment. Identified numerous fraud of rear services of the regiment with the purchase of food and maintenance of civilian positions cooks in the canteens, the so-called dead souls, instead of which cooking were attributed to the army, not having the proper training. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“To prevent the growth of offenses in the territory of the occupied Donbas caused by the Russian servicemen as a result of their use of alcohol and narcotic substances in the composition of the Commission included a group of medical specialists to conduct in-depth medical examination of the command structure and identification among the Russian officers, alcohol and drug addicts,” reports the intelligence.

As of April 13, by results of check are already discharged of execution of official duties, several Russian officers of the regiment.

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