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Russia deployed in the Kaliningrad region complexes “Samarkand”

Россия разместила в Калининградской области комплексы "Самарканд"Russia has deployed in Kaliningrad, the latest Samarkand

Russia has deployed in the Kaliningrad region the latest “Samarkand”.

According to the documentation of the tender, Russia has deployed at least 13 complexes EW “Samarkand”, “Samarkand SU-DWP-K2”, “Samarkand PU-PRD-D”. They are located in Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod regions, Krasnodar and Primorsky Krai, the Jewish Autonomous oblast and in Belarus.

Complexes deployed on objects of the Navy of the Russian Federation, follows from the materials of the portal.

The Russian military never officially disclosed the purpose of the complex and its characteristics.

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