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Russia delivered the missiles to Cuba “Caliber”

Россия доставила на Кубу ракеты "Калибр"

Russian cruise missiles “Caliber” have already arrived to Cuba, but can stay there.


According to the Russian news publication, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” that Russia is actively considering measures in response to the American party testing cruise missiles with a range greater than 500 kilometers, and the most adequate action on the part of Russia will be the location of its cruise missiles on Cuban territory, especially since the advent of cruise missiles “Caliber” in June this year, has become a kind of warning to Washington.

“American warships all the time “were” Russian frigate weaponry which has cruise missiles “Caliber”. So far, the “Gauges” only “visited” Cuba, but they are likely here to stay,” – said the expert.

What exactly the purpose of the Russian warships arrived in the Caribbean, remains unknown, but earlier it was reported that the purpose of the coming here of the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy is “some tasks”.

According to earlier reports, the Russian cruise missiles “Caliber” will “transplant” the PTRC “Iskander”, making them mobile and effective for use in almost any corner of the globe, at the same time, the emergence of cruise missiles in Venezuela which is from the borders of the United States is much further away than Cuba, “Gauges” will still reach us military bases.

“”Caliber” of militants in Syria, in the years 2015-2017 fired at ranges of more than 2 thousand km of the frigate “Admiral Essen”, “Admiral Grigorovich” and the submarine “Krasnodar”, “Velikiy Novgorod” and “Kolpino”. These and other ships and submarines can perform tasks in the area of the Caribbean, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans”, – quotes the edition “the Independent newspaper” the expert’s opinion.

The location of Russian military bases in Cuba is of particular concern In the United States, in connection with memories of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 during which the Soviet Union brought nuclear missiles to Cuba, a distance of 780 kilometers from the mainland of America.


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