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Russia business: President assures support entrepreneurs government

The economic prosperity of the States is provided primarily by a huge number of enterprises of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They focused both on the private and corporate client flexible enough to keep pace with the economy and changes dynamically if the conditions change and the demand. Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March 2018 called on the nation to proryvnom development in the economy. And so Russia came to him in the best shape, you need to be in the country occurred annually, matured and was providing the country with the necessities a growing number of SMEs. Their share is expected to grow to no less than 40% of all companies in the private sector.


In the may decree the President set the government the task of promoting the idea of private business the population of the country. By 2024, this segment must be employed at least 25 million Russians. In addition, you should review the structure of SMEs – Vladimir Putin told the Cabinet that it is necessary to increase the employment share of small and medium business on the market of non-oil exports.

Россия и бизнес: президент гарантирует поддержку предпринимателей государством 

All this became possible, President Putin considers it necessary to support entrepreneurship in our country. He is constantly revealing main directions of work of his subordinates: the simplification of obtaining credits for small businesses, the creation of an IT platform for the purchase and sale of goods business entities, the involvement of large companies in the procurement of goods and services from small enterprises, support for farmers, developing rural cooperatives and many more.


An important part of the may orders were self-employed. Today these people lose their social guarantees (pensions, vacations, sick leaves, tax deductions, etc.) just because hanging over them the need to maintain accounting and tax accounting independently. And this takes time from earnings, and so easy no issue. That is why the head of state demanded to change the system of taxation and accounting for self-employed.


Interestingly, replenishment of employees in the business and by attracting retirees. To encourage the inflow age of entrepreneurs is planned at the expense of concessional financing, and through retraining. Thus, largely solves the problem of improving the standard of living of workers of the silver age and active longevity.


In the course of the involvement of the Russians in entrepreneurship, created a number of government programs, the opportunities that can be used by budding entrepreneurs and existing small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Competition for young entrepreneurs “My first business”. The program invited high school students, who will be trained under the guidance of renowned bloggers and can give a boost to your own projects;
  • Grant support for start-UPS in the “Start” program provides assistance in the development of the project in the amount of from 1 to 9 million rubles;
  • Grants for development of innovative and knowledge-intensive business program “Development” of up to 20 million rubles to existing companies high-tech segment of the market;
  • Internationalization – support to business engaged in the field of non-oil exports. Here help not only to Finance the project in the amount of 15 million rubles, but also to find partners, contractors, consumers abroad.

Россия и бизнес: президент гарантирует поддержку предпринимателей государством 

These and other state programs are already working on grants and other support to entrepreneurs they managed to demonstrate the strength and businessmen to be a role model for others.


Thus, to build your business and achieve its sustainable development today in Russia has become easier. The possibilities are at all, and the state insures carefully as the first steps of the new business and those who it’s time to make the leap. Thanks to the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin, areas of support are continually expanding their range, involving an increasing number of Russians are among those who keep the country’s economy on their shoulders.

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