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Russia box office (6 – 9 April 2017): first – first

First started to rent a Russian movie about the conquest of space “first Time”, however box office at 151 million not as great as I would like (especially if rumors that the film’s budget is half a billion). In fact, the criticism and comments of the audience, the film was very good, so we can only regret that once again a storm of PR do not accompany a good Patriotic movie, and bad. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

About the “bad” is, if anything, we are about all sorts of “Dance to death” (13-th place of the top when painting in 721 cinema!) and other “Defenders”.

Meanwhile, the “first Time” was pressed with the first line leader the previous weekends cartoon “the Boss is a sucker”. Whether to upset distributors last? Of course not, “whipper” will soon take the bar in one and a half billion at the box office. Closes the three leaders of the “Ghost in the shell”, which for a couple of weeks more than 422 million rubles in cash, which is also good.

If to speak about failures and failures… “Babyman”I just delivered a review of the ten made it (11th place), but started better than previous genre release of the company “Volga” – “the Demon inside”. Alas, not to say that shock was made by Arnold Schwarzenegger with his drama “Consequences” (12-th line of the top). But finish still on a positive note and once again – another attempt of “let’s make shitty shitty fake Hollywood movie” that is “Dance to death” also failed, but with loud-programim a Bang. Maybe the producers and investors will then begin to draw conclusions, and something in our “cenacarta” will change for the better.

The results of the previous weekend, click here.

No.The filmCharges (million RUB)JustWeekCopies
1The first time151,21151,2111415
2The boss is a sucker106,661406,8531270
3Ghost in the shell89,86422,9922150
4The Smurfs: the Lost village45,49199,0121273
5Nice to get away42,8842,881614
6A cure for health41,41168,202726
7A dog’s life23,4879,142453
8Beauty and the beast14,17824,664418
…12The consequences8,058,051420
…13Dance to death7,507,501721
…34Wake me up0,100,37220
…57The demon inside0,01410,8035
…60Personal buyer0,0134,1563

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