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Russia and China conduct military exercises

Россия и Китай проводят военные ученияThe scenario of the maneuvers “Vostok 2018” involves the development of joint action against the alleged enemy attack.

This week the government of Russia carried out military exercises “Vostok-2018”, which became the largest in scale since the Cold war. The training goes with the military involvement of China, which demonstrates how strengthened ties between the countries since then as they came under pressure from the United States.

This Thursday maneuvers “Vostok-2018”, which take place in Transbaikalia was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He noted that Russian troops have shown the ability to effectively resist military threats. He also thanked for the participation in military exercises by the representatives of China, stressing that the two countries were allies during the Second World War. According to Vladimir Putin, now Russia and China carry out the overall task of ensuring stability and security in Eurasia. In addition, the military training this week coincided with the Eastern economic forum underway in Vladivostok.

Military exercise “Vostok” is conducted every four years and in the current maneuvers involve around 40% of Russian army – 297 thousand troops. For the military exercise will involve about 1,000 planes, 36 thousand units of ground equipment and 80 ships. China as a military partner presented the teachings of 3200 soldiers from land and air troops. Also in the program of educational maneuvers involved representatives of the army of Mongolia.

And although a particular enemy does not say, it is possible to assume that in the minds of Russia and China are the United States. China for that month, the tensions over trade relations with America, and in the summer they have a debate on Maritime military exercises. Because of them China has even begun to organize a permanent military outposts in the South China sea. In turn, Russia is experiencing the brunt of the U.S. economic sanctions and any normalization of relations is impossible.

According to experts, military cooperation between Russia and China has moved to a new plane. Through the involvement of international partners in the exercises “Vostok-2018” in Moscow, which expects the deterioration of relations with Washington, wants to show its military relationship with China. And the question remains, how far will such cooperation. At the moment Russia’s economy is far behind the Chinese and in order not to become a “younger brother” for Beijing, the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin show their superior military power.

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