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Russia and Britain will return each other’s diplomats

Россия и Великобритания вернут друг другу дипломатов

Russia and Britain will start to recover, the number of diplomatic missions in the capitals from January 2019. This statement was made by the Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko, the TV channel “Russia 24”, reports “Interfax”.

“We have reached an agreement in principle that somewhere in the month of January diplomatic staff will be restored in Moscow, and in London,” he said. Yakovenko said he was not sure of the return to work of all employees. At the same time, he added that “half of the Embassy will be restored.”

According to the Agency, talks about a partial recovery of the staff of diplomatic missions began earlier in December, but the process is slow due to delays on the British side.

Relations between Russia and Britain deteriorated in March 2018 after a British Salisbury nerve substance of the Novice class was poisoned by a former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. London blamed the incident on Russian secret services and diplomats Villaricca-“intelligence”. Moscow has denied the charges and said mirror.

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