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Russia — a generous soul. And wallet

Россия — щедрая душа. И кошелёк

Decided to go for the classics. In Soviet times our country was a friend of the Warsaw Pact countries, who simply had nowhere to go, and the countries of Asia-Africa, which pretended that the building of socialism, and in fact was sitting on his neck, dangling legs. The natives-the natives are Papuans-Papuans, but a benefit got it quickly.

The Soviet Union, he never really Chikovani, fed that crowd with banana and coconut republics, ruled by different bloke, cannibals, and terrorists. The main thing was to hang on the wall a portrait of Lenin and then begin to hang on the lampposts of the rich and landowners. These people more than anything loved the Kalashnikov rifles that we supplied them with aircraft, and our money. Sometimes, however, we just constructed them any GES at all free – give, when to build communism. Still waiting. The more that history goes in circles. The only difference is that now with us, even Eastern Europe is not friendly, and Asians live richer than we are. But Africa is still our reserve.

Zadruzhil Africans, compatriots Pushkin, and create a mighty fist against America and other Anglo-Saxons. And to our African friends do not doubt the sincerity of our feelings, we forgive them 20 billion dollars of debt. And do it at the moment when the poverty line is every seventh citizen of Russia – it is African, by the way, statistics. When half of the citizens just enough for communal and grub. Half the country’s loans and outstanding debts in the tens of billions of rubles. After the Crimea and real incomes are falling continuously. It’s time to forgive the debt Africans. We tolerate, but the children of Africa continue to starve can’t. Tell me who your friends are, as they say.

I to Africa with sympathy and compassion — and who once on her, not mocked! However, it is the continent with the lowest standards of democracy and decency. Crown room of our President, which in normal countries, all in disbelief, in Africa the norm. They’re governed the same way and even more abruptly ours. Accidentally or what the chef Prigogine settled in the Central African Republic and Sudan – the wildest corners of the world?

Where it is possible to play without rules and to live without the law – that’s where we make some friends and find. And these friends are again waiting for our planes with guns and money to fight against America. Still, Putin – as the Soviet people, firmly stuck in the days of their youth.

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