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Running and tablets: how Princess Eugenie managed to lose weight for the upcoming wedding

Princess Eugenie

Oct 12, 28-year-old Princess Eugenie will marry her fiance Jack Brooksbank. Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II took myself in hand and lost a lot of weight recently (she took off about seven pounds). Nutritionist Eugenia told reporters the British portal Daily Mail, as the bride was led in shape before an important event.

Gabriela peacock, nutritionist, who at the time helped to lose weight Prince Harry, on his website, recounted how ate Princess Eugenie to the wedding dress had fit her perfectly.

Anyone bloating

The expert notes that if you have a large stomach, it does not always mean that you are overweight. It is necessary to change diet to avoid flatulence. Should exclude certain types of cereals, sugar, vegetables are best eaten steamed, but not soggy, will bring harm to fatty meals, as well as garlic, onions and peppers. This power system will help to get rid of stomach discomfort, relieve spasms, will lead the excess gas from the body.

The diet wedding day

We always recommend that you add the diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and foods rich in protein. However, this does not apply to wedding diet. Try to stay away from booze in the day (and several days). Although this can be difficult, especially if you are meeting old friends yesterday.

Healthy sleep

Trite, but true. Experts from the team of Gabriela argue that a good sleep will help to lose weight. Turns out he makes us feel happier. Production of serotonin is much better when you sleep. Serotonin is the happiness hormone, it affects the weight including. It helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, regulate appetite, and even prevent depression that leads to overeating. Experts advise to reduce the consumption of caffeine and sugary foods, and to reduce the time spent with phone in hand before going to sleep.

Gabriela peacock says that to lose weight Eugene helped supplements such as Slim Me, Clean Me, Calm Me, Energize Me Protein and Me (the cost of packaging, calculated for a month is about $ 150). Slim Me, for example, is a bag with the fiber glucomannan, which swells in the stomach and suppresses hunger (it must be taken 30 minutes before meals).

The preparation contains chromium, which normalizes the blood sugar levels and speeds up metabolism. It also has green coffee beans and green tea extract. However, fans claim that Eugene may harm the health of these drugs.

Specialist British dietetic Association Frankie Phillips warns that Express diets are ineffective in the long persective:

Weight loss is a long journey and not tricks that may help in the short term. Losing weight requires a complete revision of lifestyle, to ensure that the extra pounds will not return, when you again start eating certain foods.

The Royal lady also heavily involved in sports.

It literally runs every morning, she has amazing strength of spirit. She really delved into the process. She also often goes to the gym. All very proud of her. We can’t wait when I see her on Friday, she will look amazing

— said a close friend of the Princess.

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