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Run, rabbit, run: Review of the film “Away” (“Get Out”)

A young couple, Chris and rose, arrive at a secluded family estate the girl’s parents for their first Dating with her boyfriend. Chris feels uncomfortable, because the couple Armitage unaware of the fact that the guy their daughter is black, but the reception is warm. However, one after the other in the field of view of the guy and begin to get mysterious and sometimes inexplicable events, and soon suspicions escalate into paranoia, because Armitage are not the people who they seemed when they first met.

About the directorial debut of comedian Jordan Sawthat will reach the Russian big screens on may 11, we still speak a little – while at home, in the United States, he wins the cash and gets the most flattering marks from critics (what they say, for example, 99% positive feedback on the portal Rotten Tomatoes). And it is hoped that the premiere in Russia will remedy this unfortunate fact, because the movie turned out to be extremely strong and topical. Not to mention the fact that over 100 minutes of screen time to look away from what is happening would be virtually impossible.

Jordan Drank repeatedly called himself a big fan of horror movies, and its position in the directorial debut substantiated in full. The writer of it, anyway, came out brilliant – “Away” perfectly observes all the rules of the classic three-act story with logical transitions, and without a single superfluous scene. The closest relatives of the film have, of course, the classic paranoid Thriller “rosemary’s Baby” and “Last house on the left”, but the closest still being shyamaladevi “Visit”. That’s where we are with the same bated breath watching a smooth transition from seemingly simple everyday stories to this primitive terror of struggle for survival in the final. Do not elude the attention and Comedy experience Saw, which is clearly demonstrated in some scenes, including the excellent “black humor” (appropriate pun). Yes, the Comedy component in the picture is, but to call the film “funny” will not work. In the first place is a frightening and realistic Thriller mixed even with satire, and with a harsh denunciation of the dirty side of modern American society. Drinking is not simply “affect” the subject of racism, and pulls it from the root and pulls on the light – a statement worthy of a serious author, and not just another second-rate Director “mincing”. And the most amazing thing here is that the social side of the picture did not prevent “horrorday”, but rather complements her new, realistic colors, making the experience for the fate of the protagonist is amplified many times over.

In addition, “Away” perfectly executed and technically. Their roles perfectly and seamlessly performed all the actors without exception, even the hint of movement in the frame for a few seconds. The cinematography is pleasing to the eye, and the frame is almost always filled with details, very subtle play on the symbolism and the revelation of history. Such features to the author’s debut, though familiar with the genre Director, lately be weight in gold.

If you like Jordan Peele, consider myself a fan of the horror genre, and if for some unfortunate reason, you have the opportunity to watch only one genre picture in a year and then “Off” will be the best choice. Paying homage to classic horror and at the same time remaining quite unexpected and bright modern phenomenon, the film has a fascinating, bold and intense Thriller. This is a real gem of an author’s horror, these creatures appear from the force once a year, if not less, and she has every reason to expand the lists of modern classics of the genre. For viewing – mandatory.

For completeness, it is necessary to add one fact: at a press screening of the film in Moscow, as soon as the screen appeared the final credits, almost the entire hall burst into applause. Such a reaction was the last time I watched only the first screenings of “the conjuring” by James WAN and believe me – “Off” deserve the applause off.

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