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“Run garbage on Mars”: the Ukrainians harshly ridiculed Garden

"Запускайте мусор на Марс": украинцы жестко высмеяли СадовогоNetizens laugh at the “junk” range of the Garden.

The best years of my life, even recently, a young and promising politician on a national scale, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy is forced to commit to such decurtata subject matter, like garbage collection. Specific flavor from the blessed city of the Lion was already acquainted people of Kiev, residents of Nikolaev and reached even to Donbass.

You see, after contacting Garden for help to Poland, it will breathe and our Western neighbors.

In General, engrossed in a trash theme, that is, with the head, the owner of the Lviv city Hall managed to find an unexpected recipe for salvation. “My proposal is very simple – in the Chernobyl zone to make a back ground for Ukraine, which should be on such extreme cases.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

However, the next day political factors to send garbage to Chernobyl decided in jest, in anger, and in actual fact wants that there was not the stock garbage, and unique reserve.

It’s a shame that such a creative man as the mayor of the city, denies the inherent previously, the scale in startups. It would be possible to agree with Elon Musk on the launch of a pilot batch of Lviv garbage on the Falcon 9 rocket to Mars.

And then the first container with garbage go surf the space. Within a few months, in the center of Lviv on Market square will land a return visit to the flying saucer and out of her little green men (green after inhaling the contents of the container) politely asked: “Pan Garden, where you build a recycling plant at the latest Martian technology?”

Across hundreds of miles of tons of garbage, On the cobblestones of Lviv vans ringing, Go nevidannye courses, the Flavors in the country the entire carrying. And said in their hearts, then the Garden, He knows blockades still good. I found the route wonderful, new, Delivered smittya to Chernobyl, for the future.
Why did the mayor change? Lviv garbage, turning into a farce, a Mask was used you can connect… And send the trash to Mars!

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