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RUMOR: new Joker can become Leonardo DiCaprio

Sounds unbelievable, but… why not?

A week ago we reported that the Studio Warner Bros. launched a solo film about the Joker – Jared Leto and bindings to existing kinokomedii DC. In the first place drew the attention of the figure of the producer of the project – Martin Scorsese. It would seem that where the comics, but where is Scorsese? And why would he need to? But when it became clear that the conceptual new film has to be a crime Thriller from the ‘ 80s in the spirit of “Taxi driver”, most of the issues disappeared. And now all in front of the eyes emerges a sinister plan, which could develop from the beginning.

According to insiders, Warner wants to lure to the project of Leonardo DiCaprio! And Scorsese is known to have found Leo a common language: “the Wolf of wall street,” “Aviator” “the Departed”, “shutter Island” is confirmed. Scorsese’s involvement in the negotiation process from the Studio – a great ACE in the hole. Another thing is that the contract has not been signed yet, so it would be good to deal with this issue, and then to plan recruitment DiCaprio.

It is not necessary to exclude the possibility that Leo considered for a different role. Not The Joker. After all, the creators themselves said that they plan the story of the origins of the villain, and therefore the actor needs younger. And yet we should not exclude that all this is empty chatter in Hollywood the Smoking room. But, DiCaprio as the Joker – that would be interesting. Director Todd Phillips (the trilogy “the Hangover”) the project is unlikely to entice, but Scorsese could really happen.

By the way, the above mentioned Jared Leto was very unhappy with the fact that Hollywood was going to make a movie about another wild card. If you believe the same insiders, is brewing scandal. As the Summer Leo the way divided… And the fun they have there, right?

Official representatives of Scorsese and DiCaprio, nothing is confirmed, but, as usual, already raging debate. Even if the probability that the rumor will be confirmed, is negligible.

What do you think, would have made Leo’s the Joker? In General, a notice that every year DiCaprio is increasingly reminiscent of Jack Nicholson, as if to resemble a senior colleague. And that for a long time (and for some, still is) was the best Joker in a movie. Could this be fate?..

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