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Rules for the care of lips in winter

Правила ухода за губами зимойTo keep lips healthy and beautiful, it is necessary for them to choose an appropriate product.

In the cold season temperature changes affects not only the skin but also the lips.

These tips will help keep them soft and to protect them from peeling.

Regularly massage your lips with a wet toothbrush morning and evening.

Now on sale there are many exfoliating lip products that will remove dead skin cells, will make the lips gentle and soft. If you prefer natural remedies, prepare the scrub samostoyatelnaya teaspoon of olive oil with a pinch of sugar and start the procedure. Another option: honey in combination with vegetable oil or sour cream. It is best to do the exfoliation at night and then apply a nourishing balm.

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Before going outdoors be sure to apply a nourishing balm or lipstick which includes oil. They not only protect the lips from weather, but also discourage any desire to lick my lips. Habit of licking lips leads to dryness and cracks.

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