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Ruble, oil, the epidemic… is This the end? But, no!

If you’ve already worn down the feet in queues at the city exchange, then hasten to disappoint you: most likely, you’re wasting it. No flashbacks to the end of the 90’s and 10’s will not see even on the horizon. Although the global financial markets are now pushing the half squat, the Russians have reason to panic. And here’s why.

Рубль, нефть, эпидемия... Это конец? А вот и нет!

While the world celebrated international women’s day, the currency markets have decided to live their lives. Fun is a feeling: Wake up in the morning, and there is Euro 82 of the ruble, had Breakfast – and it’s already 85 please. But, still the same oil – so there is generally fire and disaster! You know, at such moments, a lot of neurotics, which abound today, the head of the Association with the crises of 1998 and 2008 years: they mentally bathe in a bath with tons of devalued rubles, and the legs are their mortal bodies to the nearest exchanger. Then triggered the reaction of “fight or flight”, but with reference to currency.

Only now I have been reading these gentlemen-investors wrong sources – many “independent experts” rushed to criticize the government, Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and all involved in the disruption of OPEC transactions+ and to blame them in the morning shock of the Russians. And yet, this coronavirus…

Рубль, нефть, эпидемия... Это конец? А вот и нет!

In fact, to panic now, not like before, and do not need. And nerves if you will, and money. And all because as time reviled the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank has taken tough enough action to hold the Russian economy, so to speak, in harness. For example, the Central Bank decided for a month to merge with the market and not buy the currency, and the Ministry of Finance not to borrow money in the debt and stop the issuance of bonds.

While writing this text, the Minister announced that oil prices will recover in a few months. I mean, nothing terrible globally during this period, should not happen.

Well, don’t want to fuss hurl and look for ways to gain on the crisis, which is not? And what do you think about this?

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