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RTR came in third place in the world among news broadcasters on YouTube

The growing popularity of programs and live broadcasts, RTR published on YouTube, allowed the media to enter the three world’s leading news broadcasters presented on the video platform. According to the company Kedoo, the statistics of YouTube for November 2016.

RTR came in third place in the world among news broadcasters on YouTube

According to statistics, by the end of November, the rollers RTR watched more often than the video RT, CNN, Al Jazeera or Euronews. Ahead of RTR (81 million views) could only INDIATV with the figure of 126 million hits, and ABC NEWS with the figure of 107 million views. We will remind, in November, RTR reported that the number of subscribers to the official page of the TV channel “Russia 24” in YouTube has exceeded 500 thousand people. Being the largest monthly views Russian news YouTube channel “Russia 24” takes up 10.6% of this market. 58,8% of the views come from Russia, 11,7% – to Ukraine, the 8.5% – to Kazakhstan, and 2.2% for Germany and 1.8% to the USA.

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Managing Director Kedoo Olivier Bernard commented on the ranking:For the past six months, news content on YouTube showed impressive growth. Recent statistical data analysis showed that users turn to YouTube to view the “live news” and watching a short news video related to a unique topic. While the broadcasting network of India and the United States remain the first two leading position, Russia has shown a rapid positive dynamics. In particular, RTR has shown incredible growth, occupying the third position in the segment of broadcasters around the world. The channel “Russia 24″ is a leader in the Russian segment of YouTube hits with a share of 10.6% among all Russian news channels”.
Director of Internet sites RTR Marat Akhmetzhanov says:YouTube remains one of the most visited sites in the world – more than a billion users, more than 5 billion videos viewed every day. In 2016, VGTRK launched a direct air of TV channel “Russia 24″, as well as a separate broadcast on all social networking platforms, giving the opportunity to build audience and increase the number of views. In addition to operational news, RTR channel on YouTube has added documentaries and entire lines of playlists with the thematic programmes”.

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