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Royal gift

Царский подарок

“With money and the fool will be able — and you have no money to try it!”.

“Along with the “you five rubles and in what does not deny” is a favorite saying and cynical Russian financiers, traditionally answering “no money!” to any request for the allocation of funds.

Generous President Putin in new speech, promised to hold small and medium businesses by providing them grants-in-aid, which can be spent for a salary. No more than 12 thousand rubles per person per month.

According to her, in the small and medium business in Russia has 18 million people.

Multiply by 12 thousand — will receive 200 billion rubles a month.

And he promised 200 billion roubles to the regions. For three billion in the region.

Truly a Royal gift. The attraction of unprecedented generosity.

Well, the “pod” at 12 trillion rubles remains largely intact.

It for other purposes — not for the impoverished subjects, and “their”. The best people of the city. Those who were given natural resources, state companies, state corporations and banks the court.

Here they are, huddled near the walls of the Cabinet.

“It’s greed or stupidity?” — recently asked Grigory Yavlinsky.

I’m afraid, is both.

Boris Vishnevsky, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

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