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Rotan on pervalence

Rotan was very convenient for the opening of the new fishing season off the ice. He’s stuck in a small, overgrown, “hypoxic” waters, except where it survives only carp. There are a lot of “swamps” in which this fish was the only occupant.

Small water bodies freeze for a week or two before the others. At temperatures around minus ten degrees ice overnight, reaches relatively safe for the angler strength. It should be noted that now the populations of rotan have been preserved locally and in very limited quantities. Therefore, in order to successfully open the season, you need to know exactly where to fish.

It is worth noting that the growth of Rotana is not as quick as it represents the majority of anglers, so do not be surprised if in a few years of successful fishing in a familiar pond or you will remain without a catch, or the result will be some fish the size of a finger.
It was during the first ice rotan is so active that there are cases when the week anglers “knocked out” herd fish almost cleaned. Conclusion — do not be greedy, leave the following year.

Catch Rotana the size with index finger is no problem, but to catch a big fish is not very easy. After the formation of ice fish departs from the coast and occupies the medium for a given reservoir depth. If the underwater vegetation is only at the Bank, rotan usually stands on its border. With increasing thickness of the ice rotan forms very dense flocks in the deepest places and cease to feed. If the small pond is overgrown almost entirely, here rotan is distributed across local areas and can remain active until the end of December. Such reservoirs are most interesting because you can extend the pleasure of fishing for two or three weeks, until you can get a reliable ice on the reservoirs and rivers.

Depending on the weather, but rather by light, rotan is under vegetation or amongst leaf pondweed, or in a thin layer of water between the vegetation and ice. And early in the morning the fish is usually found near the bottom, and with the increase in illuminance rises to the ice. In Sunny weather, fun to watch through the hole to move Rotana. I have the impression that Rotana we approach the “old” holes up near them around and expect.
In the choice of fishing area you can rely on old wells, but it is better to switch to “clean” the place with the same distance from the shore. On the pond with limited riparian vegetation and decent depth, everything is exactly the opposite. Here, if the detected Parking place, the fish is only here and will not shift until then while all will not go to the pit.

Start looking for a pack makes sense from the coast and the first to make holes ten or fifteen feet. Until the day breaks fully, rotan may not bite, so it makes sense to make three dozen holes and only after that to try to catch. Rotan, like perch, is interested in a new hole in the ice, but some time is suspicious. Because the ice is thin, then for dinner a number of wells may reach hundreds, it is important to stop in time. The fact that after dinner in some hole appear the largest and most careful predators. So you need to keep in stock an hour and a half to the end of fishing to catch the largest.

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Rotan — fish day and the most active in the dining, that is the daylight. If the hole is a pack of fish bites immediately, but if the concentration Rotana is small or is a single large rotan, the bite have to wait.

Rarely manage to catch one of the wells more than five or six fish. When the area of fish detected, the better the hole drilling every two or three meters because of rotan and in the summer it does not want to make unnecessary movements and to move further meters from the selected ambush spot.

It is widely believed that the catch Rotana is not difficult. Exactly the same illusions occur when I get tired of the ubiquitous bleak summer or ruff winter. As soon as you begin to catch them deliberately, so they stop pecking. Same with the rotan. In fact, catch a lot Rotanov no less difficult than to catch the box perch.
Suggest to have with them the two tackles with a vertical jig and balancer. On a small jig big fish just don’t pay attention, except those cases when on the hook is a large nozzle. When fishing near the bottom, under leaves of the vegetation, in the beginning of fishing I use a lure or vertical type “stud” with a single hook or jig head or big jig.

In winter, almost always as a bait used or fresh beef or chicken skin. A lot less likely to get a worm, which just a pity to waste. The beef skewer on the hook-shaped with dimensions of ten by ten millimeters. Change bait every five to ten minutes, otherwise the bait will lose attractiveness. Chicken skin is used in the form of a strip cm wide. Very good lure, especially for large Rotanov, the meat is the same Rotana.

The lure sinks to the bottom and slowly rises five inches. Then follows a long pause with a duration of ten seconds. If no bites, then I do two or three short (ten centimeters) of podergivani bait with a pause of five to seven seconds.

When rotan rises to the ice, then I take the balancer, which as far as possible out to the side, which is especially important when the descent is only 30 cm Experiments with the color of the beams did not reveal any advantages or disadvantages of either option.

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The line suggest to take thicker, for example, from 0.22-0.26 mm. this is Due to the fact that the balancer is on the ice, and when cutting the toe and the ice is thin fishing line breaks. In order to cause a large Rotana for a bite, just ten-fifteen short strokes. The first few strokes I make with a pause three or four seconds, and subsequent movements increase the pause up to ten seconds. Very interesting to see directly through the hole, like a small rotan POPs out and grabs the bait. Large first poked her nose and then opens his mouth and sucks the balancer entirely in the mouth. Fishing priglyadno much more effective because you can see all the phases of the bite, and cutting is almost one hundred percent.

There are days and hours when the big rotan poke at the balancer, but does not take it or are reluctant to sting. In this case we have to plant the hook the same beef or chicken. In such cases, I prefer to push on the rear hook several large maggots, the smell which knows rotan.

When the ice reaches a thickness of 10-15 cm, the activity of large Rotana is markedly reduced. The period of highest activity of fish suitable for the movement of the lure from a distance of two to three meters. With a decrease in activity, this distance decreases. Makes sense to use bait to attract fish. Smoothly operates the blood from the beef. You can take with you even the water in which the washed meat. Very good and proven option mixture is finely chopped meat of the rotan. If no bites within ten minutes, the hole can be left.

Bite Rotana when he tries the bait, very similar to “podverganie” small ruff, which can not cram into his mouth beam motylja.
If fishing priglyadno uncomfortable, the gear need to turn on the nod, or rather a pointer, because its purpose is not in giving the lure of the game, and fixing bites. Updated need long and hard, a thick Dacron or clock spring.

Bite large Rotana somewhat reminiscent of biting trout on a jig with shrimp or pasta. It’s a slow swinging gate up and down. Cutting in this case it is safer to do at a time when the pointer rises up. If the pointer is trembling finely, I advise you to wait or try to play along, slowly pulling the bait up or shake her by the pointer. Than careful bite, the more you’ll have to change the bait on the hook.

Perurena fishing short to really be able to catch a couple of times, but it’s enough to open the new winter season.

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