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Rosstat again “painted” economic recovery

Росстат опять «нарисовал» подъём экономики

According to data published by the Ministry of economic development, in the second quarter of this year GDP growth was unexpectedly increased by 0.4%.

About this in his blog wrote analyst Andrew Malgin:

“And here is the good news: economic miracles still happen!

It is only by a miracle the Russian economy despite the gloomy forecasts of reputable experts have managed to avoid the unpleasant traps. A technical recession, which is captured when the GDP is not growing two or more consecutive quarters. Agree, it would be very strange, at current oil prices, puhnuschih from the export windfall to the Treasury and moderate geopolitical background to be in an economic downturn.


But… Rosstat did not disappoint. And based on his data, the Ministry of economic development gave its verdict: cleared of seasonality, GDP growth in quarter II amounted to 0,4%, and positive dynamics of the indicator with the exception of the seasonal factor indicates the absence of a technical recession. In short, Russia is saved.

Meanwhile, preliminary figures did not give confidence in the outcome. The experts of the Institute of Economics of growth they. Stolypin recorded a decline in economic activity in the small and medium business. The projects, which was so much hope in the development of the economy, by mid-year and not earned. And moreover more and the global economic cycle started to turn down in may-June.

But Russian statistics have proven that miracles are not only the CEC control. Even I wonder what other improvement in the lives of ordinary Russians will be able to count it for the elections?”

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