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Rosseti will pay dividends in the amount of 5 billion rubles

«Россети» выплатят дивиденды в размере 5 млрд рублей

In Moscow on June 27 was held the annual General meeting of shareholders of the company “rosseti”, where it was decided to pay shareholders more than 5 billion rubles of dividends for the first quarter of this year.

It is noted that the company’s shareholders supported such a proposal. This amount is twice that which was paid in 2018, and comparable to the amount of dividends that rosseti paid in the entire history of its existence.

According to the Minister of energy of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Russian grids” Alexander Novak, last year the company has shown effective work. Now she is developing and investment-attractive: over the past six months, the capitalization of Russian grids was increased by 90%. The company is also actively introducing modern technologies and developing together with the Russian government changes to the regulatory framework of the electric grid complex. This will significantly improve performance.

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The General Director of holding “Russian grids” Mr Livinsky noted that the indicators of the operating activities of GK last year showed an impressive growth. With this increased financial performance and decreased debt burden. Livinsky drew attention to the fact that one of the main tasks of the company is to increase dividend payments to shareholders. “Our financial performance allows us to do,” Livinsky said.

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In 2018 rosseti handed 762 billion kWh of electricity and added 19 GW of power. The level of losses in electricity transmission for the first time fell below 9% to 8,95%.

It is noted that consolidated revenues last year struck a historic bar, reaching more than one trillion rubles. The net profit increased by more than 3.5 billion up to 124.7 billion rubles.


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