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Roskomnadzor made the “Rain” to erase the news about the suicide

Роскомнадзор заставил сайт "Дождя" стереть новость о самоубийствеIn 2016, the Roskomnadzor has formulated recommendations for media coverage of suicides. They say about the need to avoid detailed descriptions of the circumstances of the suicide, including the ways in which it was committed.

The TV channel “Rain” has removed from its website the news of the death of a woman who 28 Jan jumped on the tracks at metro station “Youth” with his daughter. This was done after receipt of the Roskomnadzor notification of any page in the register of banned sites, said chief editor of Vladimir Motorin.

“Of course, we immediately removed the material from the site, but honestly don’t understand that it violates the law,” wrote Motorin.

He noted that other media outlets “described the news the same words”. In his post he made reference to the same news sites in “life”, RIA Novosti and Rossiyskaya Gazeta that the list of banned sites was not.

In all these publications, as in the news “Rain” (a copy is preserved in the “Internet archive”), to use the word “hopping a train”, the RIA Novosti news Agency also used the words “fell on the rails”, WP — “jumped in front of subway”, and “life” — “a suicide attempt”.

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