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Roskomnadzor has unlocked a few million addresses Google

Roskomnadzor, in their war against the Russian Internet continues to take the position. Blocking tens of millions of IP addresses to large Internet companies, it gradually frees them from captivity. It all started with the attempts of blocking the Telegram in Russia, although it was more like the Iron curtain – probably conducted system testing of disconnection Runet from the world wide web, and everything went well.

Now Roskomnadzor is ready to pardon part of the IP address was first unlocked address Amazon, and now the Amnesty covers 3 million IP owned by Google. Noticeable was immediately stopped fail YouTube, Google Play and other services, which millions of Russians use every day. It is likely that in the near future the troops will actually unlock all of the IP addresses banned during the unsuccessful pursuit of the brainchild of Pavel Durov because of the action of this organization has already had consequences: she sued in the amount of 5 million rubles from one of the Russian businessmen.

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For this he thanks from all Internet users, because it created a precedent, and now many companies and entrepreneurs who have suffered losses from-for the unemployed across the country, the Internet will be to seek compensation from the RCN. This is what I call “digital resistance”, and not those of your airplanes from the Windows and dogs in the hood avatar.

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