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Roskomnadzor has released a new batch of IP addresses

Everyone’s favorite Roskomnadzor, in April and may raged on the web and otherwise hinder the Russians lock services, gradually removes ban from IP addresses. Today he unlocked a few million addresses and a black list was reduced several times.

According to official data, Roskomnadzor unblocked almost 8 million IP addresses, and eventually left unblock “only” 3.8 million. Recall that it all began with attempts to destroy the Telegram on the territory of our country, which has led to the disruption of almost all the major services, in addition to direct Telegram. Suffered Yandex, Google, YouTube, Viber and many other resources, which caused a flurry of NALOGOVAYA from users and owners of these portals. On Roskomnadzor showered lawsuits, including from entrepreneurs who suffered losses in the background not really working.

3.8 million of banned IP addresses mostly the Amazon a – share companies in the black list of Roskomnadzor equal to 77 percent. Also banned some addresses Microsoft and cloud hosting Digitan Ocean. It should be recalled that there are numerous ways to bypass the lock – you can find them online, and they will definitely come in handy when the Internet is once again down the iron curtain.

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