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Roskomnadzor gave up: started unlocking millions of IP addresses

Roskomnadzor, the organization through which the Internet in Russia for the last two weeks working intermittently, went back on their word. Today was unlocked millions of IP addresses belonging to Amazon.

Recall that all began on April 16 of this year, Roskomnadzor has decided to block access to the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, but it did not work, and instead he closed access to the top ten popular in our country services that already indicates a high level of competence working in ILV specialists. Came under attack, and Amazon, but now, 3 million IP this service was officially unlocked. In addition, Roskomnadzor still unlocked 65000 addresses hosting provider OVN. Unfortunately, the Saga is not yet over, after all, LV still holds hostage the 14 million IP Amazon and Google, resulting in access to their services to many users can be difficult.

Recall also that in the course of rolling locks suffered Yandex, Vkontakte and several other Internet projects, not related to the Telegram, and the latter both worked, and works, moreover, without any proxies, and other dances with a tambourine. When will be unlocked the remaining IP addresses, and if it happens at all, known only to those whose name can not be called. But Roskomnadzor has crumbled lawsuits from extremely large businesses, so we’ll take some popcorn and continue to watch this fascinating show, is only possible in our a stable state.

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