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Roskomnadzor can lead to the disappearance of smaller providers

Everyone’s favorite Roskomnadzor, bearing the favor of the “residents” Runet, their actions can significantly change the balance of power in the market of Internet providers. According to the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC), further pressure on providers to install equipment to block can lead to the disappearance of small and medium-sized companies.

In other words, the proposed Roskomnadzor equipment lock costs several tens of millions of rubles, and to afford such costs on something that will only worsen the opinion of users, can only large service providers. As to small firms, common in remote parts of the country, they such acquisition simply does not pull, therefore, the closure is not far off.

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Recall that Roskomnadzor suggests to use the mechanism in-depth analysis of all incoming traffic, or DPI, which, moreover, has several disadvantages: in particular, users are forced to accept an invalid TLS certificate to go to the page with information about the blocking of a particular page. RAEC has already sent a letter to the leadership of Roskomnadzor with the above points, however, Roskomnadzor, the answer is not given.

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