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Roskomnadzor against anonymizers

Carnival of madness in Russian Internet continues: sites are being blocked one by one, and Roskomnadzor still can not be filled. Now he’s set his sights on the most sacred — in anonymizer, with which the Russians continue to use the necessary but disagreeable to those who are on top, the resources.

Marcus Saar, the CEO of the portal shared with reporters a letter from Roskomnadzor, in which the latter expresses “the proposal” on the further existence of this anonymizer. The letter black-white says or (as well as other projects of this kind, letters were sent to all anonymizers) blocks the access to previously banned sites, or in the near future he will be among them. Some services have already made concessions to the authorities and repeatedly dash an ultimatum, but, fortunately, yet not all.

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Currently, no court has ruled on the blocking of an anonymizer, but, we should all prepare for this in advance and to find new ways of getting exactly the information that we need, not the one that wants to impose on us a government. He should not forget about very useful extensions for web browsers, and also about the Turbo option in the Opera and, of course, about Tor, which officials have not yet reached.

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