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Roscosmos presented space “novelty” from the movie “Avatar”

Роскосмос представил космическую "новинку" из фильма "Аватар"Russia “borrowed” space from the new American film

Recently, the Russian space Agency has demonstrated its “novelty” – a spacecraft with a nuclear power plant, which Russian developers have enjoyed for several years.

“Today the Center. Keldysh working on the development of space vehicles with more powerful engines and nuclear plants, a new class that does not need sunlight and solar panels” – so the developers announced their “new product”.

They noted that the work on creation of transport and energy module-based power plant was started in 2010 and ground tests planned to be completed in 2015 to 2018 to launch spacecraft to space.

However, it turned out that the spacecraft, which they demonstrated, in fact – the ship from a science fiction movie “Avatar”.

“There is news from Roscosmos arrived or not new or not from the Russian space Agency. Compare the ship from Avatar and new development of Russian cosmonautics, think for yourself, decide for yourself”, – is spoken in the message.

Роскосмос представил космическую "новинку" из фильма "Аватар"

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