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Rosatom has created superstal for projects in the Arctic

"Росатом" создал суперсталь для проектов в Арктике

Moscow, 26 Nov – “News.Economy.” State “Central research Institute of manufacturing engineering” (part of Atomenergomash, which is owned by “Rosatom”) and the company “Ural steel” has developed technology of production of rolled plates of new steel grades, which has unique properties and suitable for use in the Arctic.

"Росатом" создал суперсталь для проектов в Арктике


“Material and technology necessary for use in projects to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) and can be used in particular in the far North. Its characteristics are new steel grades are superior to the existing analogs of Russian and foreign production and thus allow the quarter to reduce costs in the manufacture of equipment for LNG”, informs “Atomenergomash”.

The creation of industrial production technology of HRP of new Nickel-containing steels of the type 0Н6 began in the spring. Autumn at the Ural enterprise has successfully passed melting, and rolled a test batch of sheets of different thickness.

The development of the new cryogenic steel grades – an opportunity for Russian companies to enter the market of high-profit merchandise. The use of this steel will reduce the cost of manufacture of the cryogenic apparatus by 25%. Provided all of the required properties and satisfies the requirements on security and reliability.

Cold-resistant low – and medium-alloyed Nickel steel is widely used in the world for the manufacture of containers and equipment for LNG projects.

The creation of the Russian technology of production, storage and transportation of LNG is one of the priority tasks set by President Vladimir Putin in front of the domestic industry. To solve it, the government in 2018 has approved a road map to localize production of key equipment.

The road map provides the localized production of LNG equipment, the construction of polygons for its testing, creation of standards and regulations, as well as the development of Russian technologies of medium – and large-capacity gas liquefaction (capacity from 1 million tonnes).

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