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Rosario Dawson appears in “Punisher”

Nurse Claire temple can rightly be called the guardian angel of Hell’s Kitchen and its inhabitants. In a television superhero universe that Marvel and Netflix are developing, it helps not only ordinary people but also the fact that with the prefix “over”. Claire first appeared in “Daredevil” where he repeatedly patched the main character after a particularly severe wounds. In fact, without it, the blind lawyer Matt Murdock, also known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, is unlikely to be recovered. Claire appeared in all subsequent shows of the universe: “Jessica Jones”, “Luke cage” and “Iron fist”. Not without her and “the Defenders” crossover that will unite the title characters. But this year the tradition will be interrupted because “the Punisher” (The Punisher) Claire we will not see. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This was announced by Rosario Dawson, who plays Claire. She admitted she wanted to point out a cameo in “the Punisher”, but not always, it all depends on ones desires. The main reason is loaded with shooting schedules. The actors are busy, and to get everyone together – is incredibly difficult. Dawson was surprised that it actually turned out to do in “the Defenders.” So – alas. Although the “Punisher” yet even the release date no (but there is a cool fan poster). Who knows, maybe even replay all. At least on photos from the shooting of Frank castle (it is the role of John Bernthal) traditionally crippled so sensible nurse he would not stop.

Recall that Rosario Dawson right now can be seen in cinemas in the psychological Thriller “Obsession” (Unforgettable). Well, the premiere of “the Punisher” on Netflix vague announced for 2017. The synopsis is as follows:

After Frank castle’s family was killed during a firefight several of the gangs of new York, he decides to take revenge and begins to hunt for the criminals of the city. In the underworld he became known as “the Punisher”…

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