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Roomba i7+ — smart vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning function

When the sale began to appear robot vacuum cleaners, it seemed that Housewives finally breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, although the new cleaners do vacuum, but to clean muzarabani after each cleaning still have to manually. However, technology does not stand still, and recently, iRobot has introduced premium models of robotic vacuum cleaners that can clean yourself. Roomba i7+, which will be discussed in this review is one of them.


Included, in addition to the robot, there is a set of spare accessories: side brush, disposable bag for dust collection and a HEPA filter. The manufacturer also added to set a limit stop Dual Mode Virtual Wall, run on batteries. It allows you to create invisible barrier in the form of a line or circle, which the cleaner will not cross. This way you can limit the encroachments of the robot, for example, the trough for the animals. The main “nail” program – a charging station with the automatic extraction of debris. Thanks to her, to wash accumulated debris will have once a quarter.

The vacuum cleaner looks quite stylish and should fit well into interior of modern apartments. Its black round plastic case has a diameter of 340 mm, height 92 mm, and the weight of the robot is 3.4 kg. on the Top there are three touch keys, acting sensor that helps maintain linear movement, hidden carrying handle, and also under the angle of 30 degree camera. The front part is protected from collisions with the bumper mounted on spring elements. On the reverse side is a removable garbage container.

On the bottom is a pair of wheels on the suspension, and the third point of support in the form of a rotating roller. There is also the side brush with three brush turbo brush consisting of two rubber rollers-scrapers, and contact pads for charging. For brush hidden acoustic sensor that reads the pollution of the intake air. Optionally, it can send the vacuum command to process highly contaminated area again. Perimeter also placed sensors pick up the height difference: thanks to them, the robot will start pushing the carpet (with a pile of no longer than 2 cm), but will not try to descend the stairs.

The principle of operation

In Roomba i7+ uses a three-stage cleaning system surface. The turbo brush shafts rotate toward each other: one shoveling garbage, and the second sends it directly into the robot. The brush is designed to ensure constant contact with any type of surface to be cleaned. Patented form of protrusions on the shafts as effectively collects the smallest particles and larger debris, for example, details of LEGO. Side brush sweeps dirt out of corners and along the baseboard, bringing it to the turbo brush. Increased suction power (33 watts) helps to remove stubborn dirt from carpets. Trash comes in a removable plastic container with a volume of 400 ml, and the air passes first through the strainer, catching the debris, and then through the HEPA filter, check 99.9% of dust particles and microorganisms.

To optimize the trajectory of the motion, the Roomba i7+ able to build their own floor plans. Using its iAdapt navigation system 3.0, and the technology of vSLAM, the robot examines in detail the apartment, adapting separately to each room according to the method Imprint Smart Mapping. After reviewing the characteristics of the surrounding space, he chooses the optimal method and algorithm of harvesting on visual landmarks realizing where he was, and where he only have to go.

The manufacturer recommends to run the vacuum cleaner in a test mode to build a map, but I combined this process directly with the cleaning. A complete map of the apartment, the cleaner was created after the third run. Roomba can store up to 10 floor plans and automatically determine which you want to use in the moment. Having a plan in place, the robot will behave much more confident, reducing to a minimum the backing tracks and processing all available for cleaning the surface. So if the cleaning of one bedroom apartments with an area of open flooring 22 sq. m, Roomba spent first an hour, using maps, was able to reduce cleaning time up to 35 minutes. Of course, if you move any chair, the “smart” vacuum cleaner will not rebuild the map, and steered around the obstacle.

To control the device, you can use touch keys on its surface. To start a full cleaning, just press the Central button “Clean”. If you need to clean a small area, you need to place the Roomba into the epicenter of contamination, and click “Spot” cleaner, spiraling, quickly clean the area. Pressing “Home” will send the robot to “rest” on the base.

When cleaning has been completed, as all well-mannered robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba i7+ returns to the dock. Unlike their counterparts, the base not only charges your device but also pumped out the garbage. The latter is stored in a package with a volume of 2.5 liters, is installed inside the station due to its height being much greater than (50 cm). Rag container is disposable, and it lasts about three months of use, and once it is filled, the phone will receive a notification. Of course, having such a convenient system does not mean that to maintain the robot is not necessary at all – once a month, should wash his trash, clean the shafts of the turbo brush, shake out the dust from the HEPA filter and to wipe the outer surface.


Before using, you should connect the Roomba to your home Wi-Fi network and using a branded app for smartphone iRobot Home, to communicate with him. The utility allows you to track the wear and tear items and the detailed statistics to make a cleaning schedule, view history, display the map and share them on the room. You can even identify areas where the robot should not go, so that the complete Virtual Wall doesn’t really need. If suddenly the Roomba will not return to base, you can use the “Location of a robot”, then the vacuum begins to emit a mournful sound. The app is compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.

While working Roomba i7+ relatively quiet (60 dB(A)), to observe his work interesting only the first couple of times: quickly realize that it is much better when the cleaner will do cleaning in your absence. For these purposes, there’s a remote control. But the coolest, in my opinion, the option to set the schedule automatic cleaning while you are at work. In the end, you can forget about this not too pleasant procedure: you’ll just always come in tidy apartment.


Battery capacity 1850 mAh battery will last about 80 minutes, and if the energy of the vacuum will end sooner than the size of your apartment, then he calmly returns to the base, powering down, and then continue from the same point where you left off. One more remarkable fact: although the manual says that for normal operation of the Roomba needed light, he perfectly copes with his duties and in the dark. Initially, the robot sometimes behaves strangely, you may leave a small raw area or to move to other premises without completing the cleaning in the first room. Over time, the number of similar anomalies begins to tend to zero, which clearly shows how the robot learns.
In case of emergency, the Roomba exhibits a remarkable ability to wypalania of alterations, using different algorithms: trying to go slowly and carefully, abruptly breaks apart or starts to rotate. In six months of operation, it is only a couple of times “ate” the package that forgot to remove from the floor and three times I was stuck between a Desk and a chair.

If we talk about the quality of cleaning, it claims to robot no: laminate is cleaned well, with carpets removes all visible debris and most of the dust. But near the floor, and especially in the corners can leave a bit of dirt. Another feature is that he likes to “play” with small mats, dragging them from one room to another. The last six months, cleaning my apartment worked exclusively Roomba i7+, and conducted after the deadline General wet cleaning is practically not revealed contamination.


Roomba i7+ is a new stage of development of domestic robotics. The device automatically scans the room, building a card and determines the degree of contamination of the surface. Cleans thoroughly, quickly and quietly, well as cleaning flooring and carpets with pile up to 2, see Programming schedules, and a docking station with the function of cleaning can forget about cleaning and completely shift the responsibility for the content floors clean on a vacuum cleaner. Roomba i7+ – this is not a toy, which, in fact, still was robotic vacuum cleaners, Autonomous and effective cleaner.

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