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Ron Perlman has joined the caste of the film adaptation of the game “Monster Hunter”

In may of this year we learned that Director Paul W. S. Anderson, finished to pick one game franchise, has chosen a new one. Now Resident Evil for it – turn the page, all attention action RPG called “Monster Hunter”. And we’ll have at least one movie based on this series of games.

In Monster Hunter, everything is simple – the player acts as a Hunter in a world full of diverse monsters. Quests, interact with other Hunters, monsters, monsters, monsters. In principle, in the framework of this concept of history may be driven anywhere. And since the details of the plot we do not indulge, can only train fantasy.

Gnezditskii in the Director’s chair, Anderson pulled up to cast his wife Milla Jovovich. Why not, actually? And now came news about the new addition to the cast. First, the project was joined by actor and rap artist T. I., best known for her novels “ant-Man”. He got the role of a sniper named link. And second, the character nicknamed the Admiral will play old Ron Perlman, charismatic man, whom we know and love on many films – from “Hellboy” and second “blade” to “Time of witches” and “Pacific rim”. In the story the Admiral is the leader of the hunting group, so that role is, apparently, one of the key.

It is expected that the film’s budget is 60 million dollars. Shooting is supposed to start in South Africa next month.

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