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Romantic Vlad Yama shared the secret of his personal life

Романтик Влад Яма поделился секретом из личной жизни Dancer not to open up a joke.

Ukrainian choreographer Vlad Yama for the first time told reporters about how he proposed to his wife Liliana a couple of years ago.

Prior to this relationship pair lasted for 7 years and Vlad himself was aware of that because of his indecision favorite is losing hope to find a family with him.

In the end, when the lovers decided together to celebrate New year in the Soviet style, the Pit and put on her finger the girl cherished wedding ring.

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“It happened in the New year. We were home alone, I secretly bought her a ring, and we have thought up that it would be “Soviet” New year – we have made Olivier bought sausages, cheese, tangerines, Soviet champagne, everything as it should be,” – said the 35-year-old ballroom dancer.

Exactly at 12.12 he was on one knee and waited till the beloved will chew up a piece of sausage, made her the coveted “Yes!”.

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Recall now the family is already growing year-old son Leon.

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