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Rolls-Royce Cullinan first review: a Kind of assure

Rolls-Royce Cullinan первый обзор: Вид убеждает

Even among the giant and super-expensive off-road “hippos” high-rise Rolls-Royce stands out and surpasses all.

In the specs sheet of the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan has everything you need ultraluxury SUV: the new, rigid and durable aluminum architecture; large 563-horsepower V12 outstanding 850 Nm of torque to all wheels; exclusive, luxurious and exceptional features in the spacious cabin; and 114-year-old prestige brand, which just “oozes” from each, perfectly customized panel interior. So everything great, no problems.

However, let’s take a look.

Design is subjective, especially the Directors of Rolls-Royce noted that the appearance of this “beast” is ambiguous. However, they also noted that owners of Rolls-Royce just released “crowd”. Cullinan is not just doing it but also is quietly going wherever I want its owner. And quietly moved everything that comes in his way.

Cullinan, named after the largest diamond in the world (and two faceted diamond of his pieces are in the British Royal Treasury), made on the basis of “the architecture of luxury” that can form the basis of new and ultralight Phantom saloon. The Phantom is without doubt the smoothest creation in automotive history. Chassis, or platform, or architecture, as it is called now, made with cast aluminum corners that are easy massturbate and adapt to different use cases, simply using the aluminum floor panels of different sizes and cross member. The new platform Phantom 30 (!!!) percent stiffer than the old Phantom.

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To implement it in Cullinan only had to adjust to his size. Interestingly, the SUV is shorter than the sedan, however,who would doubt much higher. Its height is 1,829 mm, the length of 5,334 mm and 2,134 mm in width. He almost 203 mm long, 102 mm above and 227 kg heavier than the Bentley Bentayga, the obvious base for comparison is a beginner. One thing is clear, that the monstrous Bentayga paved the way to ultraluxury market and significantly easier to market to Cullinan.

The engine compartment Cullinan prepared for the front located engine based on the BMW V12. “Based on” means that only the outer casting is borrowed from BMW. Rolls mix your own aluminium alloy, with holes of a wider diameter, which then have to be drilled and ground in a typical working volume of 6.75 liters. A torque of 850 Nm available from 1,600 rpm peak output of 563 HP arrives at 5,000 rpm. All together accelerates the 2,660 pound SUV at highway S0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, according to the available data and independent tests. However do not forget that depending on options, the curb weight can vary upwards, and reach 2,722 kg, of course if you have enough money.

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And last but not least, the price of Cullinan starts at $325,000, but adding some options, it is easy to reach the $380,000 and even go much higher. For comparison, the Bentayga is worth almost twice cheaper, while much more efficient SUVs like the Range Rover Velar, Mercedes GLS and Porsche Cayenne and Lexus LX 570, there are only a third of the basic configuration Cullinan. But, buyers of Rolls-Royce usually don’t even know where to find dealers of other brands. These buyers are accustomed to prices going into the stratosphere and have their own motivation, which has nothing to do with the ordinary consumer approaches. These SUVs will find a place in the hangars somewhere in Belgravia or other similar area.

And while every buyer at his own will appreciate its interior, its mechanics, to the last stroke what can you expect from a Rolls-Royce.

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