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Rockstar for the first time in six years released a patch for GTA IV

Rockstar впервые за шесть лет выпустила патч для GTA IVThe update aims to improve game compatibility with modern operating systems and computer equipment.

Just think about how much time has passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV! Even Grand Theft Auto V managed to appear on PC. And now all of a sudden Rockstar Games has rolled out for PC GTA IV new patch after six years after the previous “patch”!

What has required so much time? Maybe Rockstar has finally got rid of the tumor in the form of Games for Windows Live? Unfortunately, an official changelog is not as inspiring as I would like. The ill-fated service from Microsoft is still in place.

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However, the developers still dig deeper into GFWL: they added error code “WTV270”, which means connection problems with Windows Live Sign in Assistant or servers Games for Windows Live. In addition, Rockstar has improved compatibility with modern operating systems and graphics cards, and also fixed a few bugs and spent a small performance optimization.

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However, if you want to go bowling with my cousin, beware of Steam users report that after the recent patch, the game may not start, and in some cases will refuse to see old saves.

The previous patch for Grand Theft Auto IV on PC was released on 28 may 2010.

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