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“Rockefeller center”: in new York city created a “city within a city”. Photo

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». ФотоFrom the moment of its opening, the complex has hit the whole world with their cost and innovation.

Rockefeller center was originally known as Radio city.

The complex of buildings was built in the middle of the great Depression and consisted of fourteen buildings, where a 70-story RCA was the highest. In this article you will learn about the history and features of Rockefeller Center — one of the main landmarks of the city of new York. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This area was originally planned as the new location for the Metropolitan Opera. At this time, the area was the red light district and belonged to Columbia University. John D. Rockefeller Jr. leased the area on behalf of the Metropolitan Opera. The design of the complex was designed by American architect Benjamin Vister Morris. He was inspired by the project of the railway station the Grand Central and have developed complex included a landscaped garden and a monumental Opera house, as well as tall office towers, shops and terraces. The buildings would be connected by a series of bridges and walkways. However, the stock market crash of 1929 forced the Metropolitan Opera to cancel an ambitious project. Rockefeller planned the construction of a corporate complex for new offices radio and television corporations. Thus was born the project Radio City.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

Draft Radio City
One of the first buildings completed was the RCA building (now GE Building), which served as the main office of the Radio Corporation of America. Decorated with Indiana limestone, the tower is 70 floors and a height of 256 meters was the highest building of the complex. On its design worked with Raymond hood, also created the tribune tower in Chicago and several other prominent buildings. This tower was the basis for all future buildings at Radio City.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

To entice tenants during the great Depression, was accompanied by tremendous efforts to guarantee the efficient use of available space. Thanks to the clever layout, each office received a maximum of natural light. Among other advantages was fast elevators, air-conditioning and excellent underground utilities.

And of course, Top of the Rock
The observation deck on the GE Building in Rockefeller center called Top of the Rock (‘Cliff’). She opens a stunning panoramic view of Central Park and the Empire state building. The former RCA building opened in 1933, along with a rooftop terrace. It was designed like the deck of an ocean liner. The ventilation pipes were the pipes form a cruise ship, and visitors could get on the sun loungers and relax. The observation deck remained open until 1986. By that time, the number of visitors has decreased while costs increased. At the same time, the expansion of the popular Rainbow Room restaurant on the 65th floor blocked the access Elevator to the roof, leading to the closure deck.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

Luckily, the observation deck of Rockefeller Center re-opened in November 2005, becoming the main rival of the Observatory of the nearby Empire state building. After the reconstruction cost of approximately $ 75 million, and the boat again began to receive visitors, only the deck chairs have disappeared. Private entrance on 50th West Street leads to the elevators, the roof of which depict important historic events since 1933. For visitors there are three levels, including a rooftop terrace. The first level located on the 67th floor and is completely closed. From the observation deck on the 69th floor has glass windshields, while the 70th floor is completely open and provides an incredible 360 degrees.

By 1940 Radio City was renamed Rockefeller center, consisting of fourteen buildings around the lower Plaza. From the square offers a good view of the Statue of Prometheus and the GE Building. Since 1933 here comes the famous annual ceremony Christmas tree lighting, marking the unofficial start of the holidays in new York. A huge decorated with thousands of lights tree installed in the area behind the Statue of Prometheus. At the same time, the area transformed into a popular outdoor ice rink.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

The area is connected to Fifth Avenue via a pedestrian street decorated with statues and flowers. This street is known as the channel gardens. It runs between the two six-story buildings with green rooftops: the Building of the British Empire and La Maison Francaise. Another important building in Rockefeller center — Radio city Music Hall. At the time of creation it was the largest theatre in the world with a capacity of approximately six thousand visitors. Tours provide an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the impressive interior Deco.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

Art in Rockeller Center
Rockefeller center is also known for its numerous works of art of various themes. The most famous artwork at Rockefeller center is the Prometheus sculpture. Gold-plated bronze statue was created in 1934 by the American sculptor Paul Mansion. Overhanging the fountain sculpture depicts Prometheus who returns the stolen fire to mankind. Another famous sculpture 1937 — 4.5 meter high bronze statue of Atlas by Lori. Statue in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and demonstrates the Titan who is holding the celestial sphere

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

The interiors of the buildings in Rockefeller center is also decorated with attractive artwork. Special attention should be paid to the lobby of the GE Building, with its magnificent frescoes, was created in 1933, josé Maria Sert and Frank Penguina.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

A city within a city
Rockefeller center, known as the ‘city within a city’, is an exceptional example of civic planning. All buildings share a common design style of Art Deco, and are connected to each other through the underground Catacombs hall. The complex of Rockefeller Center is very well integrated into the structure of new York, especially along Fifth Avenue. From 1959 to the beginning of the seventies, Rockefeller center was expanded with five additional buildings along Sixth Avenue.

«Рокфеллер-центр»: как в Нью-Йорке создавался «город в городе». Фото

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