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Rock music the devil in the movie “American Satan” (VIDEO)

Satanists, the Illuminati, rock and roll, Malcolm McDowell and many other recognizable faces in the movie “American Satan” (American Satan). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Personally for me the participation of one only of McDowell in order to pay attention to this picture. Let a veteran of genre cinema and starred in his career, in dozens of brand of bushing strips category C – Malcolm just doesn’t know how to play badly, so that it in any movie a pleasure to watch. If that’s not enough, keep in mind that the Director and screenwriter Avildsen ash collected for your project is really interesting, albeit very mixed acting team.

Isn’t that a lot of familiar faces? In the “American Satan” starring Boo Boo Stewart (“Twilight”, “He never died”), wrestling star bill Goldberg (“Santa killer”), Denise Richards (“wild things,” “starship troopers”), John Bradley (the chubby guy from “Game of thrones”), mark Boone Junior (TV’s “Sons of Anarchy”) and even porn star tori black.

A group of young people from the U.S. and England dropped out of College and move in the direction of sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, hoping to become a sensation in the world of rock music.

The film will be released in the USA this summer, although the pre-premiere special screenings will take place on 18 April 2017 in Hollywood. The devil loves rock, we love rock. The devil, how can we love this damn rock!..

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