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Robots will soon replace people spouses

Роботы скоро заменят людям супруговScientists believe that in a few years people will exchange their partners in relationships with a variety of robots.

In this case we are talking about androids, i.e. robots with a body that looks like a human.

Today, global manufacturers of sex toys can create products that best resembles the human body. According to scientists, the rapid development of robotics may lead to the creation of androids with artificial intelligence.

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Experts expect that the big players in the sex industry can develop a robotic copy of a human, which can replace people’s regular partners. In the opinion of futurists, by 2030 the Earth’s population to choose between normal humans and androids.

Humanoid robots will have the ability to communicate, and will be able to answer some questions of their masters, to understand and respond to their jokes.

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It is expected that the new invention of man can satisfy some people’s fantasies that would be illegal when applied to humans.

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