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Robots, dancers set a new world record. Video

Роботы-танцоры установили новый мировой рекорд. Видео1069 the same robot simultaneously performed a dance.

A new world record to be awarded a place of honor in the Book of Guinness world records, was installed recently in China, 1069 when the same robot simultaneously performed a dance. This is the third case in 12 months when he set a new world record in the category “the largest number of simultaneously dancing robots.”

This show was used by the robots model Dobi, with a height of 47 inches and manufactured by Chinese company WL Intelligent Technology. Control of the robot is done with the help specialized applications, and a large number of degrees of freedom and high mobility make such robots are great dancers.

As mentioned above, in the last 12 months record in the “largest number of simultaneously dancing robot” was beaten several times. In April 2016 the holder of this record was the company UBTECH Robotics, 540 robots which simultaneously performed the dance-Jive.

A few months later this record was broken by company-Ever Win Company, which released in the “field” is already 1007 robotic dancers. This case became widely known due to the fact that all these robots were controlled with just one smartphone.

And recently, the company WL Intelligent Technology has set a new record. Unfortunately, several robots fell during execution of the dance, and their participation was not counted.

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