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Robert Englund is still cool in the role of Freddy Krueger (VIDEO)

71-year-old actor has repeatedly said that is too old to return to the role of Freddy Krueger, but recently still pulled an old striped sweater to play a small but awesome cameo in the sitcom The Goldbergs, and now we can enjoy this scene. Premier appropriate, the Halloween episode took place just yesterday, and the video, of course, unofficial. However, you would have yourself thought of it as a good old Cam, but fear not, the picture quality is quite digestible.

Seeing their idol on screen, fans of “Nightmare on elm street” again began to pray to the gods, Studio bosses and the Robert Englund on yet another film with a real Freddie.

The chances of this, of course, not too great, but let’s think. Yeah, Englund is old, but continues to act in films and charisma are not lost. The success of “Halloween”, which is now in the movie, says that the audience was glad to meet old genre heroes and villains, especially when the creators do have respect for the original material with which to work.

What if you make a movie about old Freddy Krueger? Yes, he is not a person and is not subject to the laws of biology, but our imagination also does not have to be limited. Well, if you don’t like the idea with the ancient and is tired from all the Ghost, you can bet on doubles, good under makeup you can hide not only senile wrinkles Englund, but another actor. Leave the old man in close-UPS, dialogs and all such other matters, and all heavy for Robert Englund scene let the stuntmen. Could this all work!

Who knows, maybe now the guys from New Line Cinema is looking at cash charges, which rakes in the older, but still Spry, Michael Myers, and remember why their company is called “the House that Freddy built”.

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