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Robert Englund chose a favorite murder Freddy Krueger

Last weekend in Los Angeles, a festival of horrors “Monsterpalooza”, the guests who were the stars of the iconic “Nightmare on elm street” Wes Craven – Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp. They took an active part in the conversation with fans, which, of course, touched on a series of films about Freddy Krueger.

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When viewing the franchise is about a maniac with knives on the glove can be more than 40 murders and it’s only in the movies, because in full mythology the number of victims of Freddy more than a hundred. And here the audience heard the question – which of the killings has attracted the most Englando? The answer was very unusual. Robert admitted that he really liked the scene with the death of Carlos from the sixth film, “a Nightmare on elm street 6: Freddy’s dead”.

We recall the story of Carlos Rodriguez, a young patient of doctor Maggie Burroughs, who in the violence of the mother disrupted the hearing. In the dream, Freddy appears in the guise of the mother of Carlos, takes his hearing aid and cuts off his ear, thus depriving me of the ability to hear anything. While the guy tries to escape, Kruger is having lots of fun, running and jumping around their stunned victims. Carlos begs his torturer to give him back his machine, and he agrees. That’s just the device turns into a creepy spider-like creature clings tightly to the whole ear of the teenager, repeatedly reinforcing all the surrounding sounds. Freddy is actively using this feature, dropping from a great height on the metal floor a handful of nails. Then he picks up the blackboard and begins to scratch her with his knives. Carlos can not withstand such a disgusting and loud sound – his head literally explodes, and a monstrous hearing aid arrives directly in hand to happy Kruger.

Englund himself explained his choice this way:

It’s a “cronenbergs” explosion of the head. The guys (the filmmakers) loved these things. But what I myself like most is the fact that this scene is very politically incorrect. You know, now I do not know what it means by “political correctness”. I don’t think of actors with disabilities “disabilities”. I work with people in wheelchairs and the visually impaired, and they do not want all the time to play only “good guys”. They don’t have to be so good, saints, or martyrs. They also want to play the “bad guys” and villains. And I like this political correctness. Before Freddie are all equal – he would not understand, do you have hearing aid or not. He’s just going to get you, whoever you were. This is my favorite murder Freddie with all its consequences.

Well, Robert likes to say directly what we appreciate more and respect. And the death of some of the victims of Freddie’s particularly memorable to you?

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