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Robert Davie and Julie Benz are exploring the “Dark network”

Enriched castes of the upcoming series “Dark network” (Dark/Web), which explores the secret depths of the Internet talking about the dangers lurking in various nooks and crannies.

Just note, the project should not be confused with the film “Dark web” (Deepweb) and “Dark network” (Darknet).

With regard to the caste of the series, corroded wrinkles the face of Robert Davi is familiar to all moviegoers, though he usually sits on the sidelines or in the movies category B. But remember in “die hard” he cheerfully yelled at the helicopter: “just like fucking Saigon, eh?”. And he was cool in the second and third parts of “Maniac COP”?

In the “Dark net” Davie will play the doctor, forced to ignore medical ethics. The episode is called “Transplantation”, Director and scriptwriter of which is Mario the Misión, and the story belongs to Tim Nardelli.

The series will tell about a terminally ill man in need of heart transplant. When his time comes to an end, but the donor is still not found, the hero finds in the Deep network access to black market organs. Illegal operation conducts the same doctor, played by Robert Davi. Heart saves the patient’s life, however, the dark side effects of the surgery will force him to seek the true owner of this body.

Julie Benz also starred a lot, but mostly in TV series like “Dexter” and “Buffy the vampire Slayer”. In addition, fans of”Saw” have to remember it for the fifth film in the franchise.

Benz will appear in a series of “shared ride”. Written and directed episode Boman Modin describes his creation as a kind of postmodern story about a serial killer, which will be closely linked with the popular transportation service Uber.

As you might guess, “the Dark net” will be a new horror anthology. The first season will consist of eight stories, linked only by the common theme:

Each episode of “Dark web” concerns the topic of the Internet and the dangers that exist in the murky incomprehensible layers of the Network. Paranoia, isolation, vanity, loss of identity, the viral nature of ideas and the pressure from social media are just a few of the topics that will be covered in the series.

I think it’s interesting. Not that I’m a fan of netstalker, but at the time I had in this nonsense dive. Maybe you remember the book “the Dark side of the Network”? Megaverse collection, compiled by writer Maria Artemieva. There were made various Internet stories and creep-story, well, the Deep Web, of course, touched. More precisely, I touched, hehe. A very unique experience, I tell you.

The series did the makers of the horror film “the Circle”, the brothers Tim and Mike Nardelli, as well as the aforementioned Mario Misión.

Reportedly, the shooting of the show has been completed and this summer Nardelli and the Misión will present the project to potential buyers — streaming services and broadcasters. Well, good luck guys!

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