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Robbie Williams spoke about repeated sightings of UFOs

Робби Уильямс рассказал о неоднократных наблюдениях за НЛО The famous singer was seen unidentified objects in different parts of the world.

According to statistics from the American ufologists, at least a quarter of all earthlings have encountered in my life in unidentified flying objects or even aliens.

If you think about it, this is a very impressive figure. There is a legitimate question: how many of these “lucky” celebrities, whose words could have a significant impact on public opinion? Today, when the UFO-skepticism is rapidly disappearing, more and more well-known personalities say about his meetings with guests from the depths of space, and their stories cannot fail to impress.

One of the first celebrities that made this recognition, was singer Robbie Williams. Even a decade ago, he said that his eyes saw a “flying saucer” aliens. The journalists who took the interview, 44-year-old Briton, asked him about whether he is still the popular performer of songs, a favorite of the audience responded positively, willingly telling the paparazzi about his amazing experience of touching the unknown. According to Williams, he repeatedly faced with UFOs in the United Kingdom, and on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

The singer also said that these meetings were incredibly intriguing and bright. So, one of them lasted almost an hour, and an unidentified object of alien origin was close to our hero. The Briton told reporters:

“I saw a very strange phenomena that cannot be explained rationally. One of the UFO was right above me, at a distance of 45 meters, and in my hands at this time was a tennis ball. If you wish, I could run them in this thing. I was absolutely sober, for the credibility of his words will say that it is not used before that, no drugs, no alcohol.”

“However, after that I even decided to get tested (just in case), and the composition of my blood seemed to the doctors suspicious, and in my brain and all I found was strange, like radiation. I was immediately sent to the ICU, then two months I recovered from the incident at his home in Los Angeles. In short, it’s not safe – encounter with a UFO, and I highly recommend others to stay away from “flying saucers” far away.”

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